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WesternGeco Prestack Seismic Interpretation (PSI)
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
US origin with comingled content, EAR99
  • 2016 | 2017 | 2018
Open Petrel to prestack data, and bridge the gap between the poststack and prestack world. Enhance interpretation and reservoir characterization workflows with in context access to prestack data. A set of processing tools allow you to analyze and understand your data. Both 2D and 3D data are fully supported, not only gathers but other types of prestack data such as Offset Vector Tiles.


  • Petrel 2016.x
  • Petrel Geoscience Core
  • Petrel seismic interpretation module


  • Processing
    • Data analysis / QC
    • Depth Imaging
  • Interpretation
    • Amplitude interpretation
    • Structural interpretation
  • Reservoir characterization
    • AVO_QI studies
  • Visualize – create volumes of gathers or view gathers in context on poststack volumes. View data such as Vector Image Partitions, with tools that enable interactive analysis and interaction with the data.
  • Interpret – pick events on the prestack data, using seeds from the poststack data.
  • Process - perform processing (filter, scale, demultiple, stack, AVO analysis) to understand their impact.
Additional Information

Key Features

  • Multilayer 2D prestack window that can be synchronized to the 3D canvas
  • True 4D prestack event tracking extracts AVO attributes (DHI, intercept, and gradient). Attributes can then be plotted, enabling true AVO analysis from prestack data.
  • Residual moveout, amplitude, picking confidence, and other attributes, including AVO attributes like intercept and gradient, are automatically extracted.
  • Prestack locations and gathers can be visualized directly in the 3D canvas as gathers or in a gather slab.