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TIBCO OpenSpirit Adapter
By TIBCO Software Inc.
Plug-in Attributes
Data Management
US origin, EAR99
  • 2014 | 2015 | 2016
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
TIBCO OpenSpirit Adapter for Petrel allows users to simultaneously work on multi-vendor, cross-disciplinary data stores residing anywhere in the enterprise. Supported industry data stores include OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Finder, PPDM, Recall, KINGDOM, Petra, and EPOS. This Ocean plug-in also provides interaction with other OpenSpirit-enabled applications via data selection and GIS events as well as loading data from Petrel Studio Find index.
  • Import/export well, seismic, interpretation, and culture data with automatic coordinate and unit conversion.
  • Match and merge rules applied during import and export.
  • Send/receive data selection, GRID, and GIS events to interact with other OpenSpirit-enabled applications (including ArcGIS).
  • Provides audit trail with history tracking on import and export.
  • Allows tagging of Petrel project with coordinate system from the external data source.
  • Provides OpenSpirit data manager to facilitate bulk refresh and export of Petrel objects.
  • Import, save, and display attributes from data stores, including attributes that do not map to standard Petrel attributes.
  • Optionally limit the ability to export to external projects.
  • Load data from Studio Find index generated by the TIBCO OpenSpirit Scan for Studio Find.
The plug-in provides ability to work with data from multiple projects with multiple coordinate and unit systems by converting the data to the user-preferred unit and coordinate system. It maintains data consistency between Petrel and external data stores using customizable match and merge rules (import/export) for all data types. It enables interaction with other OpenSpirit-enabled applications using data selection and GIS events. It provides the ability to load data from Petrel Studio Find index.

Take control of your Petrel® interpretation workflows with the new TIBCO OpenSpirit Adapter for Petrel. TIBCO OpenSpirit Adapter for Petrel is an Ocean® Adapter, offering ease of use and enhanced workflow
possibilities for both new and existing Petrel users.

  • Interpret more data with expanded data types and events.
  • Synchronize Petrel projects and project data stores with dynamic
  • Customize business rules used for data import/export.
  • Enable direct access and seamless interoperability across your enterprise GIS. 
Additional Information
  • Installation of OpenSpirit Runtime v4.0.0 or newer is required