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Unconventional Reservoirs Suite
By Schlumberger
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Plug-in Attributes
US origin, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Work with the logs you have, from any service company, whether a triple combo, advanced spectroscopy, or even magnetic resonance logs to evaluate unconventional (organic) shale reservoirs. Rapidly design a completion locating perforations in intervals of optimal Reservoir Quality and Completion Quality, while ensuring a uniform frac initiation in each stage.
Runs on Techlog 2015.2 or higher
  • Application:
    • Estimate asset value from hydrocarbons in place.
    • Determine lateral landing point.
    • Evaluate Reservoir Quality (RQ) and Completion Quality (CQ)
    • Evaluate and rank multiple completion scenarios.
  • Key Features
    • TOC options include: Schmoker, Delta LogR, Uranium, NMR, and Spectroscopy.
    • Vclay options include: GR, Spectral GR, Density-Neutron and Spectroscopy.
    • Water Saturation from dielectrics, Modified Simandoux or Archie.
    • NMR permeability, oil Producibility Index, and Total Gas in Place (TGIP).
    • Completion Advisor applies to lateral wells in conventional or unconventional formations.
    • Logic is based on the Mangrove Completion Advisor.
Additional Information
Shale Petrophysics can be used on unconventional shales across a full range of wells and data sets. The interface is tuned to the data, exposing only those inputs and parameters (with smart defaults) required. Completion Advisor results may be output to Petrel-Mangrove for frac design, analysis and simulation in 3D and to forecast the effects of stimulation on well productivity.