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Upgridding Utility
By Schlumberger
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Plug-in Attributes
Appraisal | Concept
US origin, EAR99
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
Having the right size grid is key to efficient runs of your simulator. The Upgridding Utility for Petrel allows you to group layers in a Petrel model into coarser layers for simulation, while preserving the flow characteristics of your model.
  • Viewing statistical average property as a model, per zone, or as a table
  • Calculating variations between property layers represented on histograms or tables
  • Upgridding layers by analyzing variations between them
  • Upgridding both manually (step-by-step) and automatically for selected layers
  • Calculating zone fractions and pasting into Petrel layering procedure
The Upgridding Utility for Petrel merges fine-scale layers in a Petrel model into coarser layers using a variability-based method. Variability-based upgridding preserves simulation grid cell boundaries where there are big changes in a selected property of the geological grid, removing the boundaries between similar layers. The user can view the proposed changes to the layers before committing them to the model.