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Blueback Rock Physics
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Design | Exploration | Appraisal | Concept
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes

Blueback Rock Physics lets users create rock models, run fluid substitution, and create synthetics. Possible Rock Physics uses include:

  • Validation of reservoir property model by creating synthetics and comparison to seismic
  • Forward modelling to determine the reservoir geometry and correlating synthetics to seismic
  • Signature identification.
  • Tuning effect Studies
  • Invasion correction
  • Simplified approach allowing the use of complex rock physics concepts
  • Fully integrated with Blueback Rocks QI and Blueback Investigator
  • Create rock physics models
  • Elastic properties modeling
  • Optimized log blocking
  • Generate Impedances
  • Synthetic Seismogram modeling
  • Tuning wedge
  • Fluid substitution, impedances, synthetics, rock models can be defined in python scripts, and much more
  • Multi-well, 3D property model and seismic data
  • Petrel Workflow enabled for efficient quantitative interpretation
  • Integrated QC plots
Additional Information
This incremental release features a new enhanced and reworked interface that allows a more logical, workflow-oriented way of getting tasks done.