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Blueback Reservoir Engineering Toolbox
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Norway/UK origin, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
The Reservoir Engineering (RE) Toolbox speeds up and improves the workflows within the reservoir engineering domain in Petrel. A series of tools are provided to improve pre- and post- simulation functionality. The RE Toolbox was developed based on feedback from Petrel RE users around the word.
  • Sw modeling calculator. It is designed as its own process step, and provides functionality for estimating J-curves based on your log data. Then the Sw calculator uses the J-curves together with your petrophysical properties to model a Sw property. This tool provides a straightforward and fast solution to a very common workflow for most reservoir modeling projects.
  • 3D Grid QC is an easy way of investigating the quality of your 3D grid. It features a set of new geometrical modeling properties all tied into an easy-to-use interface. The user has the option to create new properties in the model, or to just export the QC results to a text file. In addition it is possible to include the characteristics of existing grid properties to a text file report. As irregular grid cells can have an unwanted effect on reservoir modeling and flow simulation algorithms, this tool is ideal for quality checking your grid
  • The Interactive well picking tool lets you quickly create vertical wells in the 3D/2D windows by clicking at a data object. The well path lengths can be specified, or it can be limited between surfaces. The tool speeds up the workflows where you want to test your simulation cases using different well positions for injectors/producers
  • Back calculate contacts. Moving fluid contacts can be easily obtained from simulated saturation distributions. Contacts are represented either as a 3D property model or a 2D surface
  • Auto generate RE plots from multiple cases. Line plots of production data in the active function window are output in a csv format that is immediately suitable for reporting purposes of quantities like fluids-in-place and production rates. The output format does not require additional processing and re-formatting in spreadsheet applications like Excel but allows for direct comparison between many different simulation cases on any quantity of interest.
  • RelPerm generator. Next to generating standard Corey type relative permeability curves, the RelPerm generator allows to generate LET-type of relative permeability curves as well. Furthermore, capillary pressure curves can be generated for water-wet, oil-wet or mixed-wet rock.
  • Rename multiple cases. Save time by renaming multiple cases in one operation.
  • Tartan gridding. A simple and interactive way of designing tartan grids, with particular focus on constraining grid lines to multiple wells with variable growth rates on the cell thickness. With the Tartan grid tool the user can test the effect of different growth rates on flow simulation performance and select the optimal setup for detailed flow simulation study. Tartan gridding is as a process in the process tree and is workflow enabled. Pressure Gradient Analysis tool helps you identify fluid contacts. Import MDT pressure data and plot it together with lithostatic and hydrostatic gradients, then use a selection of tools to fit the points to gradients. The fluid contacts are calculated from the intersection of the gradient lines.
  • Create 3D completion cell property. Visualize only those cells in a 3D grid that are producing, by selecting a grid and well(s) and then pick one or more perforation dates. Create a new property based on this selection.
  • +more
With tools like Sw modeling, Tartan gridding, 3D grid QC, Pressure gradient analysis, Interactive well picking, and a RelPerm generator, you are just one button click away from performing common operations that enhance your reservoir simulation workflows.

Toolbox volume discount. Please contact Blueback directly for more information on corporate Toolbox deployment. Volume discounts apply for clients deploying more than 10 Toolboxes in one order.

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