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Blueback Project Management Toolbox
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Norway/UK origin, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
The Project Management Toolbox provides tools for making it easier and faster to manage data objects inside a Petrel project. You can save time by organizing and cleaning up your projects, and through better disc usage and data consistency with other projects.
  • The Project Scanner searches selected directories and displays an overview of the Petrel projects found. This information can be saved into a text file or copy and pasted into Excel, and can be used for detecting large projects or seismic files in your Petrel project directories. The Scanner results gives you a quick way of assessing how many Petrel projects you have on your drive and where to start cleaning up your project content.
  • Project reporter for outputting a report on the current active Petrel project. Report can be exported on a variety of different formats
  • Find & rename multiple selected data objects or folders. Provides an easy and fast way for changing a text string in the name
  • Change color, template, symbol(wells), domain(seismic) on multiple selected objects or folders
  • General ASCII data reader for 3D interpretation and seismic cube data
  • Import point data (e.g. velocity data) with automatic conversion to a cube object. This improves the data handling and also gives a significant performance boost
  • Export of seismic navigation data
  • Move external seismic objects (links) into the Petrel project
  • Import a 3D seismic interpretation as a point data set
  • Import images (scanned seismic, structural crossections, etc) as 2D seismic lines, enabling standard Petrel interpretation of these data objects
  • Multi SEGY export from the seismic folder meny, both for cubes and 2D lines
  • Flip 2D seismic. Sometimes 2D seismic might come with the correct navigation but with flipped content. This tool adds horizontal and vertical flipping options for 2D seismic.
  • Multiple rename. With this tool you can search for a string pattern within selected objects in the tree and identify them. This tool can be used to rename the object pattern string to something else. It is a very useful tool when you want to quickly change names of multiple data objects in a project, e.g. a well name prefix that has changed for hundreds of wells in a specific area.
  • Shift Checkshots. New tool to correct checkshots. Select all checkshots or use the well filter to shift a subset of the checkshots. A shift can be applied in both time and depth. This tool makes it a fast and easy process if you, for some reason, need to shift the check shot positions.
  • Import/export lat/long. This tool enables the Petrel user to import data which have a latitude/longitude relationship in an ASCII format.
  • - NPD well loader. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) maintains a public database of different data from the petroleum activities of the Norwegian continental shelf. This data is available from the NPD web site, the NPD well loader enables download of well headers into your Petrel project
  • Import of GeoTIFF image files. The loader reads the embedded geo referenced information, including the EPSG code.
  • Export of Petrel data to the Velocity Manager software from Cambridge Petroleum.
  • Search in History and Comments of data objects. A nice tool to quickly find data, e.g. data from a specific user, or data edited at given dates, etc
  • Integration with the Blueback Project Tracker plug-in. This is a tool for tracking and monitoring multiple Petrel projects, and is used by data managers responsible for looking after Petrel projects from multiple users (see  Through the new integration between the Blueback Toolbox and the Blueback Project Tracker, you can now:
    • Compare a local project with reference projects in the Blueback Project Tracker database. There is no need to load the reference project, speeding up the ability to compare it with your project
    • Duplicated seismic. Access this information from the Blueback Project Tracker database to help you set up your project with the correct links to your seismic
The functionality features range from tools for doing changes on multiple Petrel data objects (change name, color, template, etc), tools for searching for Petrel projects and content (projecte reporter, project trawler, etc), and data import/export (various new formats supported).

Toolbox volume discount. Please contact Blueback directly for more information on corporate Toolbox deployment. Volume discounts apply for clients deploying more than 10 Toolboxes in one order.

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