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ARK CLS Seismic Toolbox
Plug-in Attributes
Unconventional Shale
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
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User Manual
ARK CLS Seismic Toolbox includes the following powerful software Seismic Spectral Blueing, Seismic Colored Inversion, Seismic Net Pay and Seismic Feature Enhancement. These have evolved over may years into robust and effective solutions which have a proven track record and have helped geoscientist to maximise the information obtained from their sub-surface data.
  • Seismic Spectral Blueing provides a globally optimised spectral shaping of 2D and 3D seismic data to be consistent with observed Earth's reflectivity
  • SSB can assist in the interpretation of small scale faulting which may not be visible on the original seismic data
  • With immediate feedback you will have the time to do many “what-ifs” allowing you to determine the optimum spectral blueing operator. The SSB process is rapid, robust, and inexpensive which eliminates the need for expert users
  • Seismic Colored Inversion enables the rapid inversion of 2D and 3D seismic data.
  • SCI provides a globally optimised inversion consistent with the observed behaviour from well logs
  • A de-trend and normalisation facility is provided within SCI which allows the relative amplitude changes observed in the impedance volumes to be interpreted quantitatively
  • Seismic Net Pay provides a robust workflow for thin and not so thin reservoirs
  • Allows geoscientist to analyse the different sources of uncertainty thus leading to a measure of the quality of the net pay estimation
  • Standard outputs in map form include: net pay, seismic net-to-gross (time), seismic net-to-gross (depth) plus QC. SNP also allows you to optionally output uncertainty maps to constrain reservoir modelling helping to ensure that models are consistent
  • Seismic Feature Enhancement provides a powerful technique for flatspot detection during early stages of your interpretation workflow
  • The user can adjust the traverse aperture type, size and even decimate the Seismic information to use in order to improve the detection chances of this Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator (DHI).
  • SFE can restore parameters used from a previous SFE Seismic Cube, allowing the user to enhance the parameters used earlier.
Based on research and techniques originally developed by Lancaster S, 2000, “Fast-track ‘coloured’ inversion” and Connolly PA, 2005, “Net pay estimation from seismic attributes”, this software provides the interpretation geoscientist with easy to use tools to enhance and extract more information from seismic data. These tools have consistently delivered high quality results quickly.