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Stark Reality: Surface Segments
By Durwella
Plug-in Attributes
  • 2016
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
The Stark Reality Surface Segments attribute implements a trace-by-trace process that exposes the inherent spatial continuity (or lack thereof) of seismic horizons. Spatial variations of local dip magnitude and direction, local strike, discontinuity locations or horizon amplitude variations along horizon segments are revealed. All of this is obtained without requiring any interpreted horizons.
The output of the Surface Segments plugin can be used to obtain a qualitative understanding of the geology of a survey, which can then be used to plan which horizons will be interpreted. A quantitative understanding of the geology can be obtained by using autotracking to extract horizons from the Surface Segments attribute volume.
Additional Information
The Surface Segments output can also be used to identify areas where our typical assumptions break down.