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ARK CLS Seismic Net Pay
Plug-in Attributes
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Seismic Net Pay estimates net pay from seismic attributes. More generally SNP can be used to make estimates of either net pay or net rock volume depending on the input data and the calibration. The documentation will refer to net pay throughout but interchangeability with net rock volume should be inferred. The application interfaces directly with the Petrel data store to read and write surface attributes.
  • Provides a robust workflow for thin and not so thin reservoirs
  • At critical interaction points the geoscientist is guided by the software
  • Provides significant improvement over the reflectivity based techniques
  • Has a proven track record of delivering results over many years
  • Allows geoscientist to analyse the different sources of uncertainty thus leading to improvements in the final result
  • Outputs uncertainty maps to constrain reservoir modelling which helps to ensure that models are consistent
  • Standard outputs in map form include: net pay, seismic net-to-gross (time), seismic net-to-gross (depth) plus QC
  • Uncertainty outputs in map form include: calibration uncertainty and total uncertainty
The original Seismic Net Pay solution was developed by us in 2005. Based on: Connolly, P.A. 2005, it was significantly enhanced following: Connolly, P.A, 2007 papers in The Leading Edge. The workflow uses Colored Inversion data to provide a robust method to estimate seismic net pay. This provides a significant improvement on reflectivity based techniques using seismic attributes: Simm, R., 2009, Simple net pay estimation from seismic: a modeling study.