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RESQML V2 Connector
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Russia, EAR99
  • 2017 | 2018
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
The RESQML V2 Connector plug-in allows you to import and export pillar grids, stairstepped grids, cell properties, grid faults with optional transmissibility multipliers on these and well paths in RESQML format version 2.0.1 RESQML is an industry model exchange standard developed by the Energistics Consortium Inc, a standards development organization of oil & gas, services and technology companies.
  • Reads and writes RESQML V2.0.1 pairs of *.epc and *.h5 files
  • Import and export pillar grids and stairstepped (structured) grids, together with their cell properties, grid faults, grid fault transmissibility multipliers
  • Import and export well paths
  • Skip over unsupported RESQML data objects
  • Perform CRS transformation on import
  • Automated mapping of RESQML Property Kinds and Petrel template
  • Optional user selection for property mapping
  • Preserves GUID of imported grids and grid properties on re-export to maintain audit trail of model transfers
  • Reads and writes the grid geometry using the ijkGridRepresentation from RESQML V2.0.1 schema
With the RESQML V2 plugin you can efficiently transfer model grids with other applications that support RESQML V2. You can augment an imported model in Petrel and transfer them back whilst preserving the identity of the original grid and properties.
Additional Information
NOTE: The RESQML V2 plug-in has been onboarded in Petrel since 2019.1 The transfer of grids, wells and grid properties has been tested with Beicip OpenFlow (+), CMG Model Builder (+), Dynamic Graphics Coviz (+), Emerson RMS(+) and SKUA (+) applications. The RESQML V2 connector functionality is fully integrated into Petrel from version 2019.1 onwards. The 2018 version is therefore the last version of this separate plugin.