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Plug-in Attributes
Carbonate and Fractures | Deepwater Exploration and Production
UK, US, Norway, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
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User Manual
Out of the Blueback "Marina" environment, access all tools to realize a specific workflow. Easily build and apply various methodologies of Quantitative Interpretation at various stages of your reservoir, from exploration to development. Now includes newly implemented 4D analysis capabilities.
  • Workflow oriented Quantitative Interpretation tool designed to improve efficiency
  • Architected to work as a highly interactive tool across all multidisciplinary domains covering QI
  • Use and combine a wide range of specific rock physics and seismic reservoir characterization applications in a single environment
  • Blueback Rocks QI tools are Petrel workflow enabled to allow for stochastic techniques
  • Wide coverage of workflows, from seismic conditioning, well calibration, tuning wedge, EEI, inversion and advanced lithofacies classification techniques, Bayesian, PDF, AVO and now 4D
  • Includes Blueback ODiSI, which produces high-quality images of reservoir properties and uncertainties
Easily build and apply standard methodologies of Quantitative Interpretation at various phases of your reservoir: exploration, appraisal, development and management. Put your data in context using a powerful cross-domain data analysis tool. Investigate parameter sensitivity to assess uncertainty or customize workflows across your organization.
Additional Information
Blueback Rocks QI is a composite product allowing Petrel users to perform a wide range of Quantitative Interpretation workflows in an integrated way. It combines several existing products – Blueback Investigator, Blueback Rock Physics, Blueback Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Blueback ODiSI* – into a single product and adds extra workflow functionality to form a highly interactive solution across all multi-disciplinary domains covering quantitative interpretation. * In order to use Blueback ODiSI tools, a Blueback ODiSI license must be checked out.