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Rapid Model Update
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Russia Origin with US/comingled content, EAR99
  • 2020
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Rapid Model Update is a plug-in that provides a quick assimilation of new well production data from OFM database into reservoir model and advanced tools for history matching quality analysis. The plug-in helps to automate routine and repetitive tasks, which facilitates fast, accurate and reliable decision making. The plug-in belongs to RE Extension Suite bundle.
  • Automatic update and run of simulation models with incremental data (production / injection / new wells etc.) from OFM database
  • Supported simulators: ECLIPSE, INTERSECT (both DS and FM cases)
  • Rapid and robust analysis of history match quality with production and surveillance log data
  • Automatic well mapping Quality control on historical data consistency between simulation model vs. OFM database Intuitive KPI definition for mismatch quality assessment Highlighting mismatches Comparison of model vs. surveillance data (RFT/PLT logs)
  • Build-in dashboards showing key information in different forms (tables, charts and maps)
  • Possibility to export results it to Excel
    The plug-in consists of two main modules: 1. Setup update allows automatic integration of new production data from an OFM database into reservoir simulation model 2. History match quality comprises advanced tools for history match quality analysis and helps to perform a quick and reliable examination of how well the existing history matched model reflects the newly obtained observed data.
Additional Information
  • The plug-in requires Petrel RE or Combined core license on maintenance.
  • The plug-in is exclusively distributed as part of RE Extension Suite RE Extension Suite
  • The plug-in is not onboarded to Petrel. You need to install it separately. The installer can be found on SDC.