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Pulsar Processing
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Unconventional Heavy Oil | Unconventional Shale
US Origin, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
The Pulsar is a slim pulsed neutron tool for formation evaluation and reservoir monitoring in cased boreholes. The Pulsar Processing provides integrated interpretation of the data logged by this tool. Porosity, Sigma, FNXS, Elemental yields and saturation are computed.
    There are following Worksteps implemented in this plugin.
  • Dataset creation: prepares input dataset for the following modules.
  • GSH Analysis: computes Porosity, Sigma & FNXS
  • Spectral Analysis: computes elemental yields and C/O ratios.
  • Spectral Reconstruct: perform a quality control on the spectral analysis processing.
  • Stacking module: stacks dataset from multiple passes in same well.
  • SW from C/O: computes Sw from carbon/oxygen ratios.
  • Three Phase Holdup: compute the borehole holdup from Pulsar log data.
  • Layout Templates: views results on a graphical layout.
    Following modules are released in this plugin.
  • Dataset creation
  • GSH Analysis
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Spectral Reconstruct
  • Stacking
  • SW from C/O
  • Three Phase Holdup
  • Layout Templates
Additional Information
Rose,D.,et al, An Innovative Slim Pulsed Neutron Tool, SPWLA2015 Rose,D.,et al, Solving for Reservoir Saturations Using Multiple Formation Property Measurements from a Single Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool, SPWLA2017 Zhou,T.,et al, Fast Neutron Cross-Section Measurement Physics and Applications, SPWLA2016 Zhou,T.,et al, A Comprehensive Neutron Porosity from a Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool, SPWLA2018