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Blueback Project Tracker
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Exploration | Data Management
Norway, EAR99
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
The Blueback Project Tracker is a plug-in for Petrel* for data managers to track and monitor Petrel projects from all their Petrel users. The Blueback Project Tracker is accessible from outside Petrel and is a tool used by the data managers responsible for maintaining order and structure of the Petrel project files on the various network disks.
  • Acquire and maintain an overview of your Petrel* projects from all users and on all network disks
  • Establish and control Petrel project data management processes
  • Monitor changes over time in Petrel projects and project migration processes. Highlight breaches in processes and best practices for data managers
  • Identify projects with data duplication (seismic) to assist disk usage optimization
  • Identify data inconsistencies and relationship with Petrel Reference projects
  • Compare two or more projects to look for inconsistencies or difference in content
  • List large projects files and/or data object files to identify where you might have disk space issues
  • Graphical display of Petrel project dependencies
  • Detailed data mining and search in a selected project or all projects
  • Monitor which network disks the users save their Petrel projects on
  • List Petrel users and their projects. Identify users with large projects or strong growth in specific data types, disk space, etc.
  • Open database for customized reporting
  • List and compare coordinate systems across projects
  • Support for multisite tracking against a common Blueback Project Tracker database. This allows for flexible configurations of the system for multisite deployments.
  • Option to track data imported through OpenSpirit in Petrel projects. The OpenSpirit data sources and data objects used in Petrel projects can be reported.
  • Checksum calculation of data. Checksum calculations allows for checking if data items have the same values across Petrel projects. This is useful to check if data with different GUIDs are equal or not. The checksum is presented as a hash code.
  • Take action on Petrel projects based on the findings of the Blueback Project Tracker.
      • Start Petrel and open the selected project
      • Open Windows Explorer on the folder containing the project
      • Remove selected projects from the database
  • Save filters and re-use for other users
  • Project tagging. Projects can now be tagged where the tags can be used to filter projects and specify the input projects to the seismic duplicate analysis.
  • Prevent chaotic and uncontrollable Petrel project storing
  • Avoid saving projects in unwanted locations
  • Assist disk usage optimization
  • Locate and identify specific data
  • Get an overview of the Petrel project relationships
  • Monitor Petrel projects and Petrel users
  • Reveal data inconsistencies and Petrel Reference relations
  • Track data imported to Petrel projects through OpenSpirit using the Geodata Exchange module. This gives the data manager a powerful tool for understanding and monitoring the flow of data in Petrel
  • Visualize the findings from Blueback Project Tracker database in ESRI ArcGIS, through the new module Spatial Extension
Additional Information