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Blueback Project Tracker Spatial
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Norway, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
The Blueback Project Tracker plug-in for tracking and monitoring Petrel projects on network drives, creates a SQL database and has a range of tools to detect errors and data management issues related to Petrel projects. Spatial Extension integrates ESRI ArcGis® to enable visualization of detected problems with the Petrel project data management.

Both the Blueback Project Tracker and the new Spatial Extension module, are targeting Petrel data managers. They are not a Petrel end-user tools, but facilitates improved Petrel project management.

  • Integration between Petrel and ESRI ArcGIS® for data managers
  • Build ESRI ArcMap® query layers from Petrel data extracted by the Blueback Project Tracker
  • Inspect data boundaries in map views: projects, well trajectories, seismic, 3D models, seismic interpretations, polygons
  • Detect mis-positioned data, e.g. seismic loaded incorrectly in Petrel
  • Detect duplicated reference data or data not contained in reference projects
  • Special SQL Server views to facilitate defining Query Layers
  • Integrate with ESRI ArcGIS® server to link Google Earth®, Petrel and GIS web services
  • ESRI ArcMap® functionalities: query builder, export data to shape files for Petrel import
  • SQL Server 2012 or later and ArcGIS 10
The Spatial Extension module to the Blueback Project Tracker makes it possible to use the ESRI ArcGis® products to visualize the findings in the Blueback Project Tracker database. Using ESRI ArcGIS® to display mis-positioned Petrel data, data duplications, project outlines, etc. together with cultural data like coast lines, license boundaries, etc. enables the Petrel data managers to quickly take action when errors are detected. The visualization is also of great help when streamlining project management processes.