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Petrophysics Suite
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Unconventional Shale
US Origin, EAR99
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
The Petrophysics Suite includes Rt Scanner processing, Rt Scanner based fracture detection (TL 2016+) and Laminated Sand Analysis (LSA). Rt Scanner Inversion computes vertical resistivity (Rv), horizontal resistivity (Rh) and formation dip. Rv and Rh are free of bed boundary effects, dipping bed effects, and can be used for thin bed analysis in LSA. The dips are useful for reservoir mapping.

Runs on Techlog 2015.3 or higher

Rt Scanner Inversion outputs

  • Vertical and horizontal resistivity, formation dip and azimuth from the 1D inversion

Laminated Sand Analysis outputs

  • Sand and laminated shale fractions
  • Sand fraction resistivity and porosity
  • Water volume and saturation in laminated sand

New for TL 2016: Vertical Fracture Detection Outputs

  • Vertical fracture detection and fracture orientation Applications
  • Evaluate sandstone or carbonate reservoirs with conductive lamination's
  • Define intervals for perforation Detect zones of lost circulation
  • Select intervals for further evaluation via MDT, MSCT, MR Scanner, Dielectric Scanner
  • Formation Dip
In thin beds, water saturations from conventional analysis are too high. Using Rh & Rv in Laminated Sand Analysis, an accurate analysis is achieved. LSA accepts Rv & Rh from any service company or tool type. Overbalanced drilling can lead to lost circulation into induced vertical fractures. Rt Scanner fracture detection identifies where the mud was lost and fracture orientation.
Additional Information
Klein, et al.: The Petrophysics of Electrically Anisotropic Reservoirs, SPWLA 36th Annual Logging Symposium, paper HH. R. Hayden, et al.: "Thin Bed Interpretation Techniques for Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Coastal and Offshore Clastics"; SPWLA 50th Annual Logging Symposium. P. Wu, et al.: Fracture Characterization Using Triaxial Induction Tool, SPWLA 54th Annual Logging Symposium.