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Petrophysics Suite
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Carbonate and Fractures | Deepwater Exploration and Production
US origin with comingled content, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual

    Rt Scanner Inversion: Rv/Rh & bedding dips

    Vertical Fracture Detection

    Laminated Sand Analysis

    PetroXpress: Triple Combo & Spectroscopy Phi-Sw Quicklook

    Permeability Anisotropy

    Lucia & Rosetta Stone rock typing from core Kh/Kv, propagated to uncored wells by combing NMR & Images

    Dielectric Dispersion Interpretation: water-filled porosity/salinity, resistivity & formation textural parameters


    Rt Scanner Inversion: vertical/horizontal resistivity & formation dip/azimuth

    Laminated Sand Analysis: Sand Shale Fractions & Sand Properties from Rv/Rh

    Vertical Fracture Detection: Rt Scanner 3D Resistivity Tensor

    PetroXpress Quicklook: Mandatory Triple combo & Spectroscopy data; Optional NMR, Rv/Rh for poro/perm

    Permeability Anisotropy: Estimate kh/kv for Rock Types, facies or selected intervals

    Carbonate Rock Typing: Lucia & Rosetta Stone rock typing workflows propagated to uncored wells using NMR & Wellbore Images

    Dielectric Dispersion Interpretation: Permittivity & conductivity dispersion derived water-filled porosity/salinity, resistivity & formation textural parameters in WBM or OBM


    Vertical Fracture Detection with Rt Scanner data

    Laminated Sand Analysis with Rv/Rh

    PetroXpress Quicklook uses Triple combo with Spectroscopy for accurate Mineral volumes

    Permeability Anisotropy and Rock Typing Workflows

    Vendor-neutral PetroXpress & Carbonate Rock Typing workflows

    Dielectric dispersion interpretation with optional joint Dielectric-Sigma inversion for high salinity environments

Additional Information

    J D. Klein The Petrophysics of Electrically Anisotropic Reservoirs 1997-V38N3A1 SPWLA

    R. Hayden Thin Bed Interpretation Techniques for Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Coastal and Offshore Clastics 2009-54527 SPWLA

    P. Wu Fracture Characterization Using Triaxial Induction Tool 2013-CC SPWLA

    J M. Donadille Water Salinity Determination Over an Extended Salinity Range … SPE-181366-MS