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Petrophysics Suite
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Carbonates | Deepwater Exploration and Production
US Origin, EAR99
  • 2016 | 2017 | 2018
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Rt Scanner Inversion for Rv/Rh curves & bedding dips, results can be used for Vertical Fracture Detection & Laminated Sand Analysis PetroXpress: Phi-Sw Quicklook using TripleCombo & Spectroscopy data. Optional inputs NMR & RtScanner Permeability Anisotropy Lucia and Rosetta Stone rock typing using RT's from core combined with NMR & Images to propagate the defined rock types to uncored wells.
Rt Scanner Inversion: Computes vertical & horizontal resistivity and formation dip and azimuth from Rt Scanner Laminated Sand Analysis: Sand&Shale Fractions and Sand Properties from Rv/Rh Vertical Fracture Detection: Using the 3D Resistivity Tensor from Rt Scanner

PetroXpress Quicklook

  • Petrophysics quicklook for clastic Reservoirs using:
    • Triple combo and Spectroscopy data is mandatory
    • NMR, Rv/Rh are optional for porosity, permeability and net-to-gross

      Permeability Anisotropy

      • Estimate kh & kv for defined Rock Types, facies or selected intervals

        Carbonate Rock Typing

        • Lucia and Rosetta Stone rock typing workflows
        • Propagate rock types to uncored wells using NMR & Wellbore Images
Laminated Sand Analysis with Rv/Rh for petrophysical evaluation in thin beds Vertical Fracture Detection using Rt Scanner Data PetroXpress Quicklook uses Triple combo with Spectroscopy for accurate Mineral volumes, Fluids and permeability Permeability Anisotropy and Rock Typing Workflows Permeability Anisotropy & Carbonate Rock Typing workflows accept input from logs acquired by any service Co
Additional Information
Klein, et al.: The Petrophysics of Electrically Anisotropic Reservoirs, SPWLA 36th Annual Logging Symposium, paper HH. R. Hayden, et al.: "Thin Bed Interpretation Techniques for Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Coastal and Offshore Clastics"; SPWLA 50th Annual Logging Symposium. P. Wu, et al.: Fracture Characterization Using Triaxial Induction Tool, SPWLA 54th Annual Logging Symposium.