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By Mirage
Plug-in Attributes
Design | Exploration | Appraisal
Unconventional Shale
Spain with US content, EAR99
  • 2014 | 2015 | 2016
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Release Notes
LiDAR and other laser sensors provide an efficient and accurate way to capture terrain surfaces, facilities and other site features in 3D. The multiresolution technology of PointCloudViz allows the display and inspection of massive point clouds in Petrel, supporting standard LiDAR attributes like color, intensity and material, and integrating with Petrel editing and processing tools.
  • Input data: 3D point datasets in standard LAS, LAZ or plain text (XYZ, PTS) formats.
  • Supports display of RGB color per point in all formats.
  • Supports intensity, color x intensity and material classification in LAS and LAZ formats.
  • No size limit for input data. Disk space required for data pre-processing depending on input size.
  • Export to Petrel points, grids or triangles meshes as allowed by Petrel memory management.
  • Load point cloud data from the most common formats: .LAS, .LAZ and text.
  • Visualize with any other Petrel objects in multiple 2D and 3D windows.
  • Projection from any coordinate reference system.
  • Multiple attribute display options.
  • Integrated with Petrel intersection, picking, editing and data processing tools.
  • Convert to Petrel point sets, surfaces and triangle sets.
Additional Information