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By Kelkar & Assoc
Plug-in Attributes
US origin, EAR99
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
LINK-AutoGrid is a plug-in designed to create variably spaced grid cells and the permeability property of those grids. These variably spaced grids are desired for unconventional reservoirs where the reservoirs cannot be exploited without hydraulic fractures. The hydraulic fractures are represented by thin grid cells and the size of the grid cells expand as the grids move away from the fractures.
  • Two modes are available: Grid Creation for generating variably spaced grid cells and Fracture Permeability for creating permeability properties that include fractures and their SRV.
  • Well information can be provided through tables in the Grid Creation tab or by clicking the wells in the Input pane.
  • Inputs for Grid Creation include:
    • Approximate number of cells in X and Y directions.
    • Top and Bottom reservoir surfaces.
    • Fracture cell width and maximum cell width (optional).
  • Stage and perforation cluster information.
  • Inputs for Fracture Permeabiliy include:
    • Matrix grid and constant permeability value or Matrix permeability property.
    • Fracture and SRV information.
  • Grids finely around hydraulic fractures.
  • Automatically determines number of cells between fractures and adequate grid cell size.
  • Multiple ways of inputting well information.
  • Provides two modes for permeability modeling around fracture center: constant valued or distance weighted.
  • Easy size adjustment of fractures (height and half lengths) and their SRV in the permeability field.