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Hydraulic Fracture Modeler
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Unconventional Shale
US origin, 0A998
  • 2018 | 2019 | 2020
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
With Hydraulic Fracture Modeler you can either grid hydraulic fractures explicitly with local grid refinements, or as a reservoir property (for dual porosity models). For LGR workflow, the user interactively sets fractures location, shape, size and orientation. The plug-in generates local grid refinements at each specified fracture plane.
HFM supports wells with and without perforations. Hydraulic fracture geometry (length left and right, height up and down, width) is fully controlled by the user. Fracture planes may be perpendicular to the wellbore or may be assigned an azimuthal angle. Fracture conductivity can be modeled either using modified permeabilities (GRID) or transmissibility multipliers (SCHEDULE). The latter enables the permeability to vary in time. Variable permeability can be modelled along and across the fracture. The number of cells in the local grid refinement and their cell size are defined by user. Black Oil and compositional fluid models are supported.
Gridding Workflow: Interactively combine perforations into stages Define the fracture plane geometry and orientation Control the fracture plane position Define the fracture plane properties Generate logarithmic local grid refinements Visualize fracture polygons and the associated local grid refinements Define hydraulic fractures’ geometry and properties using .csv files from GOHFER ® software
Additional Information
    The plug-in is offered free of charge to Petrel RE or Combined Core licensed clients. The license needs to be ordered.
  • The plug-in is also available with Petrel ”Shale suite” license.   Log-in to download plug-in installer. 
  • Starting from 2020.3 Hydraulic Fracture Modeler is the only plug-in of the RE Extension Suite you need to download and install through Petrel Plug-in manager. All other plug-ins of the RE Extension Suite come with the Petrel installer. This is due to TCC restrictions.