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Geodetic Toolkit for Petrel
By Geomatic Solutions
Plug-in Attributes
  • 2015 | 2016
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Geodetic Calculator is a tool offering functionality to convert coordinates between pairs of coordinate reference systems, whether it be a coordinate conversion or a coordinate transformation. The tool automatically synchronizes with the geodetic inventory of coordinate reference systems and conflation policies contained within the coordinate system manager, which are presented through a series of drop boxes for user selection. The application currently supports single point-to-point coordinate operations with the conversions being performed between a source CRS and a target CRS. The user is provided with flexibility to choose which CRS is the source or target and perform the conversion accordingly.
  • Synchronization of geodetic catalog and coordinate reference systems with Coordinate System Manager
  • Simple robust user interface
  • Performance of all coordinate operations supported by ESRI geodetic engine
  • Coordinate conversions between coordinate reference systems contained in CRS and transforms tab page
  • Coordinate transformations between all conflation policies and WGS 84 geographic 2D CRS
  • Operates with Petrel versions 2014 onwards
  • Hardware and OS requirements identical to Petrel
  • Recognizes all geodetic definitions contained within the extensions catalog
  • User given flexibility to select source and target CRS for coordinate operation flow
  • On-line and off-line help manuals provided
  • Telephone support offers during standard office hours in UK and Malaysia
  • Free upgrades available for all subscribers of the tool
  • Video provided for training requirements
A fundamental feature of the application is its compliance to using the coordinate reference system parameter values specified within the well-known text (*.WKT) contained within coordinate system manager. This is considered the parameter authority to which the Geodetic Calculator adheres to. Furthermore, all coordinate operations performed use the algorithms contained within the ESRI engine. No external algorithms are used within this version of the tool. The user interface provides the user with a simple mechanism to perform the geodetic operations, without having to be an expert in this discipline.