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ProSource Front Office
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Data Management
US/Russia/UK/India, EAR99
  • 2014 | 2015 | 2016
The ProSource Front Office solution helps minimize data management time by providing an efficient mechanism for data managers to deliver and integrate supported data from ProSource Logs/ProSource Enterprise/Seabed directly into the project data environment for Petrel.

ProSource Front Office:

  • One-way well data transfer from ProSource Logs and ProSource Enterprise to project data environment for Petrel
  • Supported data types:
    • Well header
    • Well logs
    • Deviation surveys
    • Marker
    • Checkshots
    • Perforations
    • Core intervals*
  • Capability to read well log data from a file system or directly from the Seabed database
  • Reporting via integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, one of the reports is well/borehole data availabilities for the above supported data types inside Seabed project

* Transfer of Core intervals is not supported for Petrel
ProSource Logs:

  • Scans and catalogs well log data from various industry standard formats such as DLIS, LAS, & LIS
  • Archives original format data
    • Basic subset export (edit export)
    • Single system/data store for integrated log data management for original format and edited, calculated, or interpreted digital log data

ProSource Enterprise:

  • Uses Seabed open data model.
  • A vast array of data domains in a single integrated repository — one-stop shopping — together with the flexibility of creating business-specific data model extensions.
  • Built-in data integrity constraints and business rules improve data quality and reduce uncertainty.
  • Business data object views simplify access to the data model, enhance usability and user efficiencies, and provide services such as on-the-fly unit conversions for improved reliability.

The main benefits of well data delivery using ProSource Front Office are:

  • Provides efficient searching, visualization, and filtering of data managed in ProSource Logs/ProSource Enterprise to the Petrel project data environment
  • Select by data item, by individual data type, or by all
  • Transform data to Petrel-projected coordinate systems
  • Automatically detect and handle data exceptions
  • Experience built-in data compression for high-volume data delivery
  • Integrated geo-contextual information search related to the area of interest — results of core analysis, stratigraphic studies, and other related documents (requires MetaCarta)
  • Submit well log data via web interface into corporate environment according to established QC standards
  • Make data reports through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Additional Information

Note: When ordering ProSource Front Office plug-in for Petrel, please specify the host ID of your FlexNet server in place of the dongle ID

  • A plug-in with the same functionality is available for Techlog. Contact your local SIS account manager for details.
  • Additional components are needed to successfully configure the ProSource Front Office plug-in for Petrel. Your local Schlumberger representative will contact and assist you in setting up these associated components. Please contact your local SIS account manager for details.