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ProSource Front Office
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
US/India origin with comingled content, EAR99
  • 2018 | 2019 | 2020
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
The ProSource Front Office solution helps minimize data management time by providing an efficient mechanism for data managers to deliver and integrate supported data from ProSource Logs/ProSource Enterprise/Seabed directly into the project data environment for Petrel.

ProSource Front Office:

  • One-way well data transfer from ProSource Logs and ProSource Enterprise to project data environment for Petrel
  • Supported data types:
    • Well header
    • Well logs
    • Deviation surveys
    • Marker
    • Checkshots
    • Perforations
    • Core intervals*
  • Capability to read well log data from a file system or directly from the Seabed database
  • Reporting via integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, one of the reports is well/borehole data availabilities for the above supported data types inside Seabed project

* Transfer of Core intervals is not supported for Petrel
ProSource Logs:

  • Scans and catalogs well log data from various industry standard formats such as DLIS, LAS, & LIS
  • Archives original format data
    • Basic subset export (edit export)
    • Single system/data store for integrated log data management for original format and edited, calculated, or interpreted digital log data

ProSource Enterprise:

  • Uses Seabed open data model.
  • A vast array of data domains in a single integrated repository — one-stop shopping — together with the flexibility of creating business-specific data model extensions.
  • Built-in data integrity constraints and business rules improve data quality and reduce uncertainty.
  • Business data object views simplify access to the data model, enhance usability and user efficiencies, and provide services such as on-the-fly unit conversions for improved reliability.

The main benefits of well data delivery using ProSource Front Office are:

  • Provides efficient searching, visualization, and filtering of data managed in ProSource Logs/ProSource Enterprise to the Petrel project data environment
  • Select by data item, by individual data type, or by all
  • Transform data to Petrel-projected coordinate systems
  • Automatically detect and handle data exceptions
  • Experience built-in data compression for high-volume data delivery
  • Integrated geo-contextual information search related to the area of interest — results of core analysis, stratigraphic studies, and other related documents (requires MetaCarta)
  • Submit well log data via web interface into corporate environment according to established QC standards
  • Make data reports through Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Additional Information

Note: When ordering ProSource Front Office plug-in for Petrel, please specify the host ID of your FlexNet server in place of the dongle ID

  • A plug-in with the same functionality is available for Techlog. Contact your local SIS account manager for details.
  • Additional components are needed to successfully configure the ProSource Front Office plug-in for Petrel. Your local Schlumberger representative will contact and assist you in setting up these associated components. Please contact your local SIS account manager for details.