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By Kelkar & Assoc
Plug-in Attributes
US origin, EAR99
  • 2017 | 2018 | 2019
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
LINK-WellOpt utilizes a novel approach to compute and visualize pressure wave propagation and well drainage volumes. The technology is based on the Fast Marching Method and semi-analytic approximation of pressure and rate transients in structurally complex and heterogeneous media with general well architecture. The speed of computation makes it ideally suited to rank multi-wells and realizations.
  • Selecting optimum number of wells in a given reservoir.
  • Selecting a well combination that has minimum variance of hydrocarbon recovery across all realizations.
  • Selecting P10, P50, P90 realizations based on recovery rather than on STOIIP.
  • Scatter and box-whisker plots that show the ranking parameter for different well combinations and realizations.
  • Ability to copy the plots' data into a clipboard and paste it in a notepad.
  • Calculation and 3D visualization of front propagation, grid cell contribution, drainage volume.
  • Taking into account the well scheduling in the recovery calculations.
  • Ability to export Rate/Drawdown profile for each well in a given well combination.

The LINK-WellOpt features includes:

  • Optimize wells.
  • Ranking realizations.
  • Multi-well and realization analysis.
  • 3D visualization of front propagation and drainage volume.
  • Export of Rate/Drawdown profile for each well.
Additional Information
**LINK-WellOpt is capable to perform the feature of CONNECT-DynaRank but with more added features to it. Kelkar offers deal for existing CONNECT-DynaRank customer who intends to upgrade to LINK-WellOpt plug-in. Contact Kelkar representatives or your local Schlumberger Account Managers for more information**