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By Kelkar & Assoc
Plug-in Attributes
US origin, EAR99
  • 2018 | 2019 | 2020
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User Manual

CONNECT is an Ocean plug-in that facilitates reservoir description and assessment by providing connectivity between :

  • Fine Scale and Coarse Scale models
  • Grid blocks of reservoir models
  • Static and dynamic models
  • Different types of data sources

CONNECT consists of two plug-ins to design optimum vertical layering, CONNECT-UpGrid, and to preserve geologic connectivity, CONNECT-TransMod, of your fine scale reservoir models.  With CONNECT you get 90% accuracy of your fine scale dynamic behavior with 10% of your model size, which translates into 100 times faster flow simulations

  • Well defined workflow
  • Computationally efficient
  • Provides graphical procedures to select the optimum number of grid blocks
  • Determines the optimum number of layers needed to preserve dynamic characteristics of fine scale model.
  • Input : Fine Scale Model with the following data
    • 3D Property of Permeability
    • 3D Property of Porosity
    • 3D Property of Rock Type
    • Rel. Perm Curves for oil and water
    • Viscosity of oil and water
    • User Control to maintain Layer(s)
  • Output :
    • Diagnostic Plots (Design Factors and Step Error)
    • Layer Design, as table and text file
    • Fraction Design, as data in Petrel Input Window and text file
    • Quality Control Charts
Going from geological model with millions of cells to a simulation model requires a careful upscaling of the fine scale grids so that dynamic performance of the geological model is preserved. Using proportional upgridding would result in combining layers which will have different petrophysical properties. CONNECT-UpGrid uses a new algorithm which allows the combination of layers such that the pressure profile at fine scale is preserved. The layers - which have similar pressure distributions - are combined first, and the layers with distinct pressure profiles are isolated. In addition, depending on the mobility ratio, the layering is adjusted. By preserving the dynamic behavior, the resulting upscaled model is able to reproduce the behavior of the fine scale model with 10% of the effort. In addition to combining the layers correctly, the program also is able to provide the guidelines in terms of optimum number of layers needed to preserve the fine scale, dynamic, behavior
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