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Kinetix Matrix
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
Carbonate and Fractures | Enhanced Oil Recovery
US origin with comingled content, EAR99
  • 2020
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Kinetix Matrix is an integrated software tool for design of matrix stimulation treatments in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. It integrates with ACTive real-time downhole CT services for determination of initial permeability and skin, monitoring of fluid placement and diversion, evaluation of the treatment, and thermal modeling.
    Carbonate Acidizing:
  • Complete workflow from lab characterization to field
  • Acidizing models for limestone and dolomite
  • Reaction models for all major acid systems: HCl (retarded, emulsified, viscoelastic), organic acids and chelants
    Sandstone Acidizing:
  • Geochemical simulations at well scale
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary reaction kinetics: 145 aqueous species; 27 minerals; 34 kinetic reactions; 10 sandstone acid systems
  • Integrated thermal modeling for carbonate and sandstone acidizing
  • Fluids placement for both mechanical and chemical diversion
      Well geometry:
  • Vertical, horizontal, deviated and toe-up
    • Openhole, perforated, sliding-sleeves, pre-perforated liners and gravel pack
  • Features
    Kinetix Matrix is a tool for design of matrix stimulation treatments. Petrophysical properties can be imported from well logs and combined with chemical data for treatment fluids to optimize design. Properties of common fluids are included. Custom fluids can be added. Engineers can optimize treatment fluids and volumes by simulating placement for different pumping and diversion schedules.
    Additional Information
    Seamless integration within Techlog platform allows advanced interpretation with associated petrophysical data and easy integration of Python scripting CPU efficient engine enabling quantitative multi-parameter interpretation