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Bridge Electromagnetics, EM Data Integrator
By Cegal (previously Blueback Reservoir)
Plug-in Attributes
Norway, EAR99
  • 2018 | 2019 | 2020
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
The Bridge Electromagnetics (EM) plug-in consists of a series of modules for visualization, data QC, EM attribute analysis, EM forward modeling and EM inversion analysis. The EM Data Integrator module is a key part in the interpretation workflow where you analyze the EM attributes through a defined workflow for creating normalized attribute cubes, sections and maps to better identify EM anomalies.
  • Data QC of EM attributes. Use various muting options to deactivate data points so they are not included in the normalization process
  • Create a reference receiver, or set of receivers, to be used in the normalization process
  • Normalize your data set using a series of options and techniques
  • Display normalized attributes in the EM window to detect anomalies
  • Create a cube of the normalized data. Use the co-rendering options in Petrel visualize together with other data in your Petrel project
  • Create a section (2D EM data) of the normalized data. Use for co-visualization together with your data in the Petrel project
  • Create maps displaying normalized data for a given offset range, and drape it on top of a topographic map like Top Reservoir
  • Create line plots to interpret the normalized attributes from several receivers
  • Export cube/sections/maps using the Petrel standard export format options
The EM Data Integrator module of Bridge Electromagnetics includes functionality for data QC, muting data for given offsets, traditional displays of magnitude and phase, normalization using a series of references, creation of cubes, sections and maps with normalized magnitude, phase etc. The standard Petrel visualization techniques applies on these EM data objects, making the integration with other data seamless.