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Acoustics Interpretation Suite
By Schlumberger
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Plug-in Attributes
v2017 = Japan origin with US/German/comingled content, EAR99 / v2018 = US origin with Japan/comingled content, EAR99
  • 2019 | 2020 | 2021
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
This suite of acoustic processing and interpretation functions provides a complete offering for Schlumberger Wireline and DM technology. Basic and advanced analysis, coupled with various quality control and interactive parameters, allows for complete transparency and traceability for all of the sonic services. The finalization step enables the data to be easily consumed in down stream.
Basic and advanced analysis from the Acoustics Interpretation Suite includes the following functions:
  • Compressional and shear from monopole
  • Dipole shear and dipole anisotropy analysis using energy or slowness methods
  • Quadrupole inversion
  • Stoneley fractures and mobility
  • Leaky-P processing
  • Radial profiling (monopole, dipole & Stoneley)
  • Cased hole filtering (casing cut, wavelet)
  • Qualitative bond index
  • Tool Finishers for downstream applications
The Acoustics Interpretation Suite is built on a new software engine which enables a faster computational time and streamlined graphical workflows which can be done in batch mode. Customized user workflows can be created to suit the geological environment.
Additional Information
Available on Techlog 2017 and Techlog 2018 baseline Downstream applications within Geomechanics and Advanced Acoustics Suite, Unconventional Reservoirs Suite, Techlog Geomechanics and Techlog Geophysics.
Note: A license for Techlog Acoustics must be purchased separately to be able to use Acoustics Interpretation Suite.