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Fracture Stability
By Schlumberger
Plug-in Attributes
France Origin, EAR99
  • 2015 | 2016 | 2017
Supporting Documents
Installation Guide
Release Notes
User Manual
Techlog Fracture Stability enables critical stress analysis of fractures or faults. The shear sliding of critically stressed fractures can result in increased hydraulic conductivity. This can cause additional pathways for hydrocarbon migration or act as channels for water breakthrough and gas coning. A better understanding of fracture mechanics and how it relates to hydraulic conductivity is essential to optimize reservoir and well performance.
  • Runs on Techlog* 2015 and requires the Completion Geomechanics license
  • Critical stress analysis on fractures and faults
  • Easy creation and modification of dip data input
  • Principal & inclined stress input
  • Display of results in Logview, stereonet, histogram & Mohr-circle plot
  • Interactive Mohr-circle plot which is also available as standalone application

*Mark of Schlumberger

Techlog Fracture Stability enables the evaluation of stresses acting on fractures or faults based on their orientation and available stress-field information. The inputs can be defined either as log inputs or parameter inputs or any combination of those. The dips can derive from an image interpretation or can be created directly through wizards provided by the plug-in. For the definition of the stress field log derived principal stresses can be consumed as well as inclined stresses output from a 3D simulation (e.g. Petrel* E&P software platform or VISAGE* Geomechanics simulator). The critical stress analysis can be performed considering the effect of injection & depletion. The results will be visualized using log-view, stereonet, histogram & a custom Mohr-Plot. The Mohr-Plot is fully interactive and is also available as a standalone application.