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Software Companies
Ocean Academia Competition in China, 2017
Friday, Jan 13, 2017

Schlumberger China is hosting an Ocean Academia Competition across more than 17 universities in China, from January to May, 2017.

This competition allows undergraduate students to develop their own plug-ins for Petrel using the Ocean platform; implementing their own research idea, scientific algorithm or technical solution to address challenges in the Oil and Gas industry. A successful entry will require participants to have inspiration, domain knowledge and insight in the oil and gas industry, basic programing skills, good teamwork, as well as presentation skills. It’s a great chance for students to build their power and capabilities by using the industry-standard software platforms provided by Schlumberger. Register by Feb 28th, 2017 !

Community innovation program: Engaging the Ocean Ecosystem
Monday, Dec 12, 2016
The current industry downturn has resulted in both changes in the oil and gas industry and an unprecedented loss of talented people. If the latter applies to you, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our new Ocean Framework Collaborative Partner Community innovation program. This is a collaborative venture to create partnerships with talented individuals. We’ll provide you access to Ocean Framework licenses, which you can use to bring your innovative technology to market through the Ocean Store. This is an opportunity to use your core skills while you are in transition. We propose this program as a mutually beneficial initiative: You’ll obtain the software tools needed to develop a product that could eventually yield revenue and our platforms will be enhanced by any extra functionality developed. We invite you to participate in the Ocean Framework Collaborative Partner Community innovation program and become part of the largest oil and gas software ecosystem. Contact Larry Velasco and Reishin Toolsi to apply to participate.
Ocean Support
Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

In order to help you find the right support, we have created a new contact us page that changes based on your profile.

Evaluation licenses

This needs to be done through the Catalog under plug-ins. You will need to provide a valid dongle, you can order an evaluation licenses for plug-ins by adding to cart and checking out. If you would like to receive a quotation or an additional information about the plug-ins, please use the contact us page.

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