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Ocean Competitions
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Ocean Academic Competition, Nigeria 2014

Welcome to the second Ocean academic competition that will be held in Nigeria, and the first in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The Ocean* Competition is the place where the best minds from academia and industry gather to work out solutions to solve particular E & P industry challenges. It is an effort to tap innovation through collaboration between academia, E & P operators and service providers.

Please visit this page regularly as we will use it to update you on upcoming events.

Guide to the competition:

Review the existing plug-ins Register your team Register on the Ocean Store More information on Ocean developer training Code Sample Incubator

We will hold a couple of webinars details of which will be posted on the LinkedIn group NGA Ocean Community.

Community chat: We have created a LinkedIn group which can used to ask questions and share your knowledge. Join the NGA Ocean Community.

This will be the forum where we will actively communicate competition details.

Proposed timeline: 
  • May – Registrations & Submission of abstracts
  • June – Technical Conference 1
  • July – Technical Conference 2
  • Oct – Nov -  Finale

textcopy Start your training Register as a developer! Register your team

5/1/2014 12:00:00 AM
Ocean Academic Competition, India 2014

India, November 2014

Ocean Competition is a unique industry event; where university students from India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka work on Ocean Software Development Framework creating various innovative plug-ins. Through these plug-ins Ocean delivers extensibility for Schlumberger software platforms like Petrel which enables the development and introduction of new technology. This event pioneered by Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) in INM conducted its fifth consecutive edition this November, which allowed a distinctive platform for E&P operators, Schlumberger, academia & ISVs. The success of Ocean Competition in India, has helped over the years, in its expansion across the globe and now it is being conducted in different countries like Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria and USA contributing to the Ocean ecosystem.

The event was inaugurated by SIS Operations Manager and some of the key clients present in the event. This was followed a key note speech by Mr. Goutam Ghosh, VP, Exploration for BG where he addressed today’s exploration challenges from an operator’s perspective.

This year Ocean Competition has seen some of the best talents across INM come up with very innovative plug-ins which addresses today’s challenges in the industry. There was initial submission from over 90 teams from various universities across India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. After a very rigorous process of multi-level evaluations, 12 teams qualified to the semifinal round. On the basis of innovation, value addition to Petrel, utilization of Ocean API and value added to E&P industry, 8 teams were selected as finalists to present their work on the day of the event.

Over the years, Ocean Competition has grown not only in terms of number of participations, but also covered varied E&P disciplines like geology, geophysics, petrophysics, drilling, production and reservoir engineering. The students have tried to address some of the current industry challenges through their plug-ins like “Well Anti-Collision Analysis” which evaluates the collision risk between two or more wells and helps in directional well planning for the development of a field. On the day of the event all the finalists presented and demonstrated their plug-in to the entire audience who were also the jury for the competition. The audience comprised of dignitaries from E&P industry (like ONGC, Cairn, DGH, Reliance, BG, HPCL, IOCL, and GAIL), ISVs (L&T, Wipro) and professors (UPES, MIT).

After a very close competition the final three prizes were awarded.

First prize winner: “Oil Field Developer”- The plug-in uses new procedures for well placement optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) as the underlying optimization algorithm. Some of the features of this plug-in are:

  • Optimizes the location of production wells entered by user
  • Calculates the Net Present Value of the project
  • Interpret the corresponding NPV and optimum number of injectors and producers
  • Calculates the Reservoir Opportunity Index

Prize - INR 200,000 | University: ISM Dhanbad | Team Name: Deficit Defiers | Recipient: Nitin Kumar Shukla

Second prize winner: “CBM Production Analysis”- It is a plug-in that aims at forecasting CBM production and predicting the gas production curve with time. The outputs of this plug-in are:

  • Initial Gas in Place
  • Peak Gas Rate
  • Initial Water in Place It also displays the Gas production curve to visualize the relative trend of production with time and creates 3D property model of Gas-In-Place and Water-In-Place.

- INR 100,000 | University: UPES | Team Name: Aestimatio | Recipient: Shivam Saxena

Third prize winner: “Borehole Flow Modeling”
-  This plug-in estimates changing pressure in the borehole with respect to time and space. This plug-in helps us to predict the conditions of borehole and in turn can prevent blowout, lost circulation and other problems caused due to mismanagement of the pressure in the well.

Prize - INR 50,000 | University: ISM Dhanbad |
Team Name:
Ocean Crackers | Recipient: Abhishek Ranjan

4/1/2014 12:00:00 AM
Ocean Academia Competition in China, 2017
Friday, Jan 13, 2017

Schlumberger China is hosting an Ocean Academia Competition across more than 17 universities in China, from January to May, 2017.

This competition allows undergraduate students to develop their own plug-ins for Petrel using the Ocean platform; implementing their own research idea, scientific algorithm or technical solution to address challenges in the Oil and Gas industry. A successful entry will require participants to have inspiration, domain knowledge and insight in the oil and gas industry, basic programing skills, good teamwork, as well as presentation skills. It’s a great chance for students to build their power and capabilities by using the industry-standard software platforms provided by Schlumberger. Register by Feb 28th, 2017 !

Community innovation program: Engaging the Ocean Ecosystem
Monday, Dec 12, 2016
The current industry downturn has resulted in both changes in the oil and gas industry and an unprecedented loss of talented people. If the latter applies to you, we are pleased to invite you to participate in our new Ocean Framework Collaborative Partner Community innovation program. This is a collaborative venture to create partnerships with talented individuals. We’ll provide you access to Ocean Framework licenses, which you can use to bring your innovative technology to market through the Ocean Store. This is an opportunity to use your core skills while you are in transition. We propose this program as a mutually beneficial initiative: You’ll obtain the software tools needed to develop a product that could eventually yield revenue and our platforms will be enhanced by any extra functionality developed. We invite you to participate in the Ocean Framework Collaborative Partner Community innovation program and become part of the largest oil and gas software ecosystem. Contact Larry Velasco and Reishin Toolsi to apply to participate.
Ocean Support
Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

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