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About Ocean
Creating advantage

Ocean is a software development framework that gives oil and gas companies the freedom to create advantage. By building or integrating specialized technologies and workflows directly inside the Schlumberger software platform: Petrel E&P Software Platform, Studio E&P Knowledge Environment, Techlog Wellbore Software Platform and Avocet Production Operations Software Platform.

Watch this video!The E&P companies can profit from proprietary technology and ideas, and immediately put innovation in the hands of their interpreters. These capabilities can be developed internally, or by working with Ocean partners, to rapidly incorporate new science- plug-ins into company workflows.

Leveraging the Ocean framework with the Schlumberger software platforms, users can create best-in-class workflows without the disadvantages and inconvenience of fragmented multiple software solutions. Experienced company geoscientists and engineers, as well as new hires, are immediately able to access new technology in a familiar software environment to help accelerate project timelines. New software requirements can be deployed to support operations and key decision making processes faster than ever before.

Productive software development framework
The Ocean framework is based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technology. Complementing the existing range of comprehensive Petrel functionality, the Ocean framework gives companies the ability to create specialized solutions to solve complex problems by deploying software plug-ins. Developers are able to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure, to create and deploy new capabilities across an unrivalled spectrum of E&P disciplines. What once took months or weeks to develop, can now take only days or hours.
Ecosystem of software developers

Platform users can easily expand their workflows using solutions developed by a large community of industry innovators. These capabilities can be developed internally or by leveraging the Ocean ecosystem of independent software providers, universities, oil companies, and the R&D breadth of Schlumberger, to provide best-in-class science within fully integrated workflows.

How to buy the Ocean software development framework?
Productive Software Developement Framework
Ocean plug-ins and the Ocean Store

The Ocean Store enables Platform users to browse a diverse catalog of Ocean plug-ins for the platforms more than 120 commercial Ocean plug-ins for Petrel are available today.

How to buy plug-ins?

We recommend you to evaluate any plug-in before you contact your local Account Manager here