Ocean Plug-ins for Petrel


by Resoptima

Solve your history matching challenges

Olyx makes it easy for the engineer to identify wells that do not match historic data. Through an advanced objective function definition it's easy for the engineer to history match on any parameter such as rates, ratios, pressures, cumulatives and 3D/4D seismic.

Match the dynamic behavior

Olyx enables the engineer to incorporate 3D/4D seismic data (Acoustic Impedance, P-impedance, S-Impedance and saturations) as part of the history matching process. This makes it easier for the engineer to understand why particular wells produce too much or too little of the different phases.

Track, map and match on remaining oil

Olyx sets a new standard with the use of seismic observed data for reservoir simulation purposes. Olyx helps the engineer detecting undrained areas, vertical flow barriers, fault communication and to monitor injection patterns.

Fast optimization

Olyx includes several evolutionary algorithms to facilitate the optimization process. The optimizers have advanced settings and can be easily customized for different optimization tasks.

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Petrel Versions:
2012, 2013, 2014 - 64 bit


Olyx enables Petrel to utilize its capabilities as an RE tool even further. No more need for third party software to perform assisted history matching and other optimization projects. The plug-in bridges the history matching loop between static modeling and dynamic simulation.


Olyx enables advanced history matching and optimization work directly within Petrel's workflow manager. Olyx supports production data and 3D/4D seismic which enables oil companies to completely close the loop between geological modeling and reservoir engineering.

  • Reduce time and money spent on history matching by automating tedious tasks
  • Convert history matches into reliable predictions
  • Optimize field development plans
  • Reduce uncertainty, manage risk and make better decisions


ECCN: Norway, EAR99

  • New sophisticated objective function definition process
  • Fast and robust postprocessor, no limitation on size or number of cases
  • Match on 3D/4D seismic data
  • Enables parallel optimization which speeds up the optimization process
  • Incorporates evolutionary algorithms configured for global optimization
  • Extensive cross plotting features and post-analysis tools
  • Simulation database which is completely integrated with Petrel simulation cases
  • Seamlessly integrated with the Petrel Workflow manager
  • Fully compatible with all Petrel supported reservoir simulators
  • Integrates with all Petrel supported queuing systems

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