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Spectral Decomposition Solution

by Schlumberger

Introducing Spectral Decomposition

This plug-in allows you to perform spectral decomposition directly in Petrel.

Seismic Decomposition with scale control

The seismic shot record or migrated data-set depends on the scale at which it is obtained. This tool is based on 2D and 3D wavelet transform techniques.

Aids in identification of features

By analyzing time sections, various geological features (e.g., faults, fractures channels) can be identified by varying the scale, thereby varying frequencies.

Plug-in interface

The user has the option of generating attributes for either inline, crossline or cube. The algorithms used for these are 2D wavelet transform and 3D wavelet transform. The user provides information about the scale and type or wavelet to be used for spectral analysis. There is also an option for analyzing the amplitude or instantaneous phase spectrum.

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Petrel Versions:
2011, 2012, 2013 - 64 bit


Any observation, whether it is a photograph, a seismic shot record or migrated data-set, depends on the scale at which it is obtained. The Spectral Decomposition plug-in analyzes the scale dependence of seismic data. This tool is based on 2D and 3D wavelet transform techniques applied in form of continuous wavelet transform. This method is based on the assumption that the rise and decay of wavelet coefficients are directly related to scale and thus related to singularities in data-set.


The Spectral Decomposition plug-in is a novel wavelet analysis technique to analyze a multi-scale signal, tightly integrated into Petrel. Existing wavelet transform techniques apply 1D wavelets that are time consuming. Unlike 1D wavelets, 2D and 3D wavelets use spatial information of seismic data and thus a complete section or a cube can be analyzed fast, with varying scales. This plug-in makes use of Mexican or Morlet wavelet with an option to decompose amplitude or phase.

Additional Information

Detailed information regarding the application of the plug-in can be found in the following paper:

Puneet Saraswat, Vijay Raj, Mrinal K. Sen, and Arun Narayanan 2013. Multi-attribute seismic analysis using fractal dimension and 2D & 3D continuous wavelet transform. Paper SPE 164417 presented at the SPE Middle East Oil & Gasshow & conference held in Manama, Bahrain, 10-13 March 2013.

The paper can be downloaded from https://www.onepetro.org/conference-paper/SPE-164417-MS

Overview of the paper

The paper describes multi-attribute seismic algorithms using fractal dimension and 2D/3D continuous wavelet transform(CWT). The Spectral Decomposition Solution plug-in has been used in the study. The spectral decomposition based on CWT aids in resolving various features of geological interest at a particular scale or frequency, which when rendered with fractal attribute demarcates the boundaries between them. Both the algorithms(spectral decomposition & fractal dimension)  has been applied separately to a seismic amplitude volume and the results were co-rendered with some weights to yield a final attribute volume incorporating information from both the algorithms. Results illustrate better illumination and proper demarcation of various geological features such as salt domes, channels, faults etc at a desired frequency.


ECCN: India w/ US Content, EAR99

  • Complete spatial information by using complete section (inlines/crosslines or cube) instead of considering one trace sample at a time.
  • The algorithm is fast and takes a few seconds to decompose a complete cube.
  • Enhances features with different orientation without the loss of their topological relationships.
  • Option for phase or amplitude spectrum.
  • Phase spectrum generated represents wrapped instantaneous phase.  
  • Wavelet coefficients relates to the changes detected in the signal (for seismic data — changes in bed thickness, singularities, etc.)
  • Display seismic attributes in the Interpretation window. Improves and speeds up your  interpretation work.
  • Save output in either ZGY or SEGY format

Installation Requirements

  • Requires MatLab Compiler Runtime (MCR) 8.1 for Windows 7 64-bit installed prior to installation of plug-in.

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